updates… and season 2?

rounds 2 and 3 have been run, Phil V and team ้›ž้›ž้บต are off to a solid lead… can they be caught? how will drop rounds play into the equation? (We’ll find out together because we’ve not tested that part of the points system yet!)

The race incident counts have been updated permanently to what we ran in Round 2 – rather than 15x for a drivethrough and 25x for a DQ, we’ve lowered the drivethrough inc count to 12x and removed the DQ, so drivers will just get another drive through penalty every 12x.

Season 2 is well underway in the planning stages, and should be finalised in terms of track schedule in the next few weeks once iRacing confirm their public series calendars… check the Series 2 Information page for more details

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