About the league

This page details information related to the entire series which will apply broadly to all seasons that are run, more specific details will be provided on a season by season basis.

First and foremost – this is a largely casual league which operates on the basis of good close racing – people are here for a good time and we will endeavour to foster a community atmosphere which is friendly and approachable.

On that note – we have a basic code of conduct:

  • don’t be a dick

This applies both on and off the track – treat others with the same respect as you’d expect given to you. if this code of conduct needs to change and grow to have more specific examples it will, but the person providing the example will be removed when it happens.

All drivers are required to read, understand, and abide by these rules. Please contact the admins if you do not understand a rule.

The official iRacing Sporting Code applies.  The league also has extra rules which, in case of conflict, will override the iRacing Sporting Code.

This series uses the iRacing service, which means people are free to lodge official iRacing Protests for any reason – please note that protests of this nature will not change league scoring results.

Failure to follow these and iRacing rules may result in penalties up to and including expulsion from the league.

The rules apply to all sessions hosted. This includes the practice and qualifying sessions. League Admins reserve the right to remove anyone from the server or league for not acting in the spirit of the rules, even if said action is not formally documented.

League Admins will not clear iRacing in-sim issued penalties/black flags.

Driver registration can be completed using the form here.

Registrations submitted in the 2 hours prior to a race session will not be processed until after the session has concluded.

Once the form has been submitted, an invitation to the Wings and Things iRacing league will be sent, membership of that league on iRacing will be required to join the race sessions.

Drivers are encouraged to gather in Discord voice channels or to use the in-sim voice to communicate, this league would like to foster a culture of open communication amongst particpants.

However please note all drivers are subject to both the terms and conditions of iRacing itself, and also the basic code of conduct for this league.

Please refrain from making any negative, derogatory, or inflammatory statements during a race session. If you have an issue with a fellow driver during the race, file a report after the race for discussion. Violations of this code of conduct will be dealt with by the admin team and any penalties as a result are at the sole discretion of the league admin team.

Reporting a race incident is done via the file a report form page on the website – this needs to be submitted before 7pm on the evening following the race session in order to ensure it will be reviewed.

Reports later than this cutoff are not guaranteed to be reviewed.

Contrary to the official iRacing rulebook, blue flags in league race sessions must be obeyed – any car 1 or more laps down being shown the in-sim blue flags is expected to allow cars through who are on the lead lap safely.

If you find yourself in this position, please consider lifting the throttle on the straights to allow other drivers to pass safely, rather than in corners or in braking zones.

This behaviour also falls under the general code of conduct, drivers deliberately blocking or slowing down cars whilst 1 or more laps off the lead will be referred to the stewards panel.

Drivers may unlap themselves if their pace enables it. Cars on the lead lap do not have an entitlement to overly aggressive defend against lapped cars.

Please also realise that once a driver has unlapped themselves, they are still subject to the blue flag rules and are expected to either pull a gap to be out of blue flag range or to recind the position if they are impeding the driver behind.

Reminder once again that this falls into the general code of conduct.

It is every driver’s responsibility to ensure incidents can be avoided where possible, this is including but not limited to:

– Sacrificing your race vs taking other drivers out with you

– Holding the brake to ensure a disabled or out of control car stops and is predictable, not rolling across tracks.

– Waiting for traffic to pass before attempting to rejoin the racing line

– Ensuring any rejoins to the racing surface are safe.

– Towing to the pits in a timely fashion where a disabled car is blocking the track.


It is a driver’s right to attempt to return to pit by driving back. Note however that if your damaged/slow car causes a further incident it will not be looked upon favourably by the stewards panel.

At this point in time this series is not broadcast so there is no obligation in terms of liveries.

Please remember that this series is still subject to iRacing’s general code of conduct, and rules of good taste & humor will apply.

Anyone running a Red Bull livery or any kind of Ayrton Senna tribute will most likely be ridiculed in discord

This league will use Sydney iRacing servers. It is each driver’s responsibility to provide a stable connection throughout the race.

If a driver’s connection appears to have an obvious issue where a driver is blinking, bouncing, or otherwise unpredictable on the track –  an admin may warn the driver about their connection first. If the driver is unable to fix their connection and it continues to be an obvious issue, the admins will require the driver to give as much room as possible on the track and/or give up the position or disconnect.

If you’re having problems with your connection quality, please ask in Discord and we’ll do our best to help you. We definitely want everyone to have a race, but we also don’t want dozens of other people to have to dodge blinking netcodey cars.