(De)merit Points

Demerit Point Process

As a result of the post-race reviews, drivers will be debited or credited demerit points. 

Incidents will be generally classified into 3 categories and assigned demerit points on severity.  

These values are at the discretion of the weekly race stewards team and may vary for extenuating circumstances (eg: reduced for redressing, or escalated for first/last lap incidents) 

Low: 1 point – poor driving standards resulting in minimal or no impact 

Medium: 2-3 points – poor driving standards resulting in detrimental impact to other racers 

High: 4-5 points – major incidents as a direct result of poor driving standards 

Redressing incidents appropriately will be looked upon favorably by the race stewards. 

a 0 incident feature race will receive a -1 point `credit` towards your license points 

Associated penalties 

License Demerit points will be calculated on an Demerit-Per-Race value 

Having an DPR higher than 3 will result in the requirement for a pit lane start 

Having an DPR higher than 5 will result in a review of a driver’s continued participation in the series. 

Again, this is at the discretion of the race stewards. Drivers will be notified of their requirement to serve penalties.

Pit Lane Start

For clarity purposes – if assigned a pit lane start it is the driver’s responsibility to skip the regular start process and start from pit lane. in doing so must exit pit lane after the pack has cleared the pit exit. (eg: at some tracks where the pit lane exit is favorable to the regular racing line, it is expected that the pit lane starter(s) are at the rear of the pack). 

A pit lane start is only required for the sprint race, a driver serving a pit lane start can still grid up in their assigned slot for the subsequent feature race, unless otherwise directed by the stewards panel. 

Failure to serve this penalty will trigger a review of the driver’s continued participation in the series.