Race Format

Each race event will take place from 8:00pm AEST (or AEDT in the summer months) on Tuesday nights using the Super Formula car.

The format is:  

  • 40 minutes open practice 
  • 10 minutes open qualifying 
  • 20 minute sprint race 1
  • 20 minute sprint race 2

Server will be hosted in the AU-SYD iRacing server farm and will be in the League Racing portion of the iRacing client. 

Sprint and Feature Races will be a standing start. 

Safety Cars

There will be no safety car interventions due to the sprint race format 

Grid Sizes

The aim is to keep grid sizes around the 40 mark, however we will happily expand above this to keep a single split, and will try to avoid needlessly small splits. Early seasons may be a single split with max of 60 drivers, until such point that regular participation deems multiple splits necessary. 

Car Setup

This series runs a fixed car setup. 

The car setups will be the iRacing setup used for official series, in the event that one is not available, one that is deemed close enough to the particular track will be used. This will generally err on the side of higher downforce.