Incident review process

It is the responsibility of drivers to report any incidents that they would like the weekly stewards panel to review. The stewards will NOT adjudicate on any incident that has not been reported. 

Incidents should be reported with the following information using the form

  • Driver(s) involved
  • Which round or event number
  • Which race session (Qualifying, Sprint, Feature)
  • Which corner (or straight, or general area)
  • a brief description

Incidents need to be reported by midnight the following day of the event in order to be guaranteed to be reviewed 


  • There does not need to be contact to qualify for reporting something. 
  • Incidents can be logged for qualifying, sprint and feature race sessions 
  • You do not need to be involved in the incident to report a incident


The league administrators will rotate stewarding duties amongst themselves on a week-by-week basis. At least 3 admins will adjudicate on every reported incident, except in the event that they are an involved party, in which case, at least two uninvolved admins will adjudicate.

The stewards will review the reported incidents and determine guilt and severity.

Penalties may include

  • position based penalties, altering the finish position of the driver(s) in question
  • points based penalties, penalising championship points
  • further sanctions if required for major issues

The stewards will also assign any (de)merit points for the round

Stewards decisions will be communicated via the #announcements channel in discord via one of the admin team