Scoring – old

Series points will be awarded on the following basis:

Bonus points will also be awarded for the following:

  • Fastest Qualifier – 1 point
  • Fastest Lap – 1 point (available in each race, not dependent on finishing position)

Drop Weeks

To allow for competitors some “work/life balance” – the series will include drop weeks at a rate of 1 drop week per ever 4 race weeks. 

Eg: a 12 week series will allow for 3 drop weeks, a driver’s best 9 weekly scores will count to their overall score. 

Team scoring

Drivers can participate in teams of up to 3 drivers, however only the top 2 results per team will count each week towards the overall team’s championship.

Substitutions of drivers in and out of teams mid-season will not be possible (hence allowing up to 3 per team in case you have part time requirements)

Points will be awarded as per the charts above