Reported Incidents

Round Event Location Driver Reported Driver Impacted Description
8 Feature Lap 8 - Last corners Jamie Jay Jamie went in a little hot. Season3
8 Sprint Lap 5 Duane Burns Phil Vella Duane had contact with Rob Crouch on entry into this turn.
8 Sprint Lap 5 Rob Crouch Duane Burns Rob was being pressured from the commencement of lap 5, resulting in multiple under braking lockups as he looked to defend from Duane.
8 Sprint Lap 5 - Maggest Duane B Chris S Chris and Duane had a feelings session Season3
8 Sprint Lap 5 - Last Sector Rob Crouch Phil and Duane Rob and Duane had a touching up. Phil was impacted also. Season3
7 Feature Lap 20, turn 2 Sam Katakouzinos Peter Zeidler Sam with a half hearted send and then not getting anywhere up near enough putting it into the rear of Pete, causing Pete to spin. Season3
10 Feature Lap 1, Turn 13 Wallace Pete No attempt to brake... even hear a little accelerator Season3
4 Sprint 4 - The esses Wallace Johnson Nathan Tasca I think I was at the scene of his impending crash and just happened to get in the way..... Season3
3 Sprint Lap 3, Turn 1. Andrew Rob K As per voice comms, it was a big swerve. Season3
3 Sprint Lap 3, TUrn 3 Scott Shayne A rear ending Season3
3 Sprint Lap 3, TUrn 1. Shayne Donald Its a netcode or a tap, either way iRacing Crash detected it. Season3
3 Sprint Lap 2, End of the Straight BRett Peter A rear ending. Season3
3 Feature 24 Last corner Nich Andrew not enough room given Season3
3 Feature 23 final corner Doug Brett a small touching Season3
3 Feature 21 after long straight Sean Peter hit from behind Season3
3 Feature 6 turn 3 Jarrad Brett two people into one corner Season3
3 Feature 3 turn 2 Nich Rob not holding brakes Season3
3 Sprint lap 10, turn 3 Duane Burns Nick Bradford some sendiness into T3 ended up with Bradford eating wall Season3
3 Feature Turn 1 - Lap Unsure Phil Vella Rob Crouch Flick spin re-entry causing loss of position for impacted car. Season3
1 Feature I forget Brett EVeryone Swearing Season3
1 Feature L21 - 2nd Chicken Keys Tasca Season2
1 Sprint L5 - 1st Chicken Thomas Carew Can we call it the "Vortex of Fun" instead?
1 Feature 21 2nd chicane Bruce Keys Nathan Tasca Season2
1 Feature L19 - 2nd Lesbian Gowans Carew Reverse gear trying to decouple and surprised when Reverse gear results in reversing onto the track once decouple is complete
12 Feature Last lap Pete z Monte Pete was too nice and sacrificed his position to push me across the line. What a great cunt.
11 Feature on the lap he hit me luke me in the wiggly bit car does drive in back of my car
9 Feature Lap 7, after Shell Oil corner (hairpin) Douglas Gowans Rob Kaye While Douglas wasn't responsible for the crash that lead to this situation, preferably holding the brakes instead of reversing when there are cars approaching who are already taking action to avoid the accident on the side of the road.
9 Feature Lap 5 - Shell Scaife Burns and Carew Season2
9 Sprint Lap 1 - Shell Harvie Carew Season2
9 Feature Lap 14 - Lodge Scaife Gowans Season2
9 Sprint Lap 8 - Druids Luke Quist Scott Harvie Season2
9 Feature Lap 12 Turn 13 (Lodge) 44 (Scaife) 4 (Bradford) 44 has incident with car 968, and comes to a stop on the racing line. Car 4 (following) tries to avoid, car 44 moves at the last minute and causes a collision.
9 Sprint lap 5 turn 7 4 7 ?
9 Feature lap 7 Turn 5 2 07 yup
9 Feature lap 30 turn 7 27 74 self explanatory.
9 Feature lap 1 turn 12 27 42 driving unusually slow through corner, causes crash on lap 1
9 Feature Lap 1 Turn 9 27 678 unsafe rejoin, would have been getting a slow down but decided to risk other peoples race on lap 1 of a 45 minute race
9 Sprint lap 9 T9 27 150 unsafe and unnecessary re-join
9 Sprint lap 1 turn 7 444 81 first lap and trying to go race pace ? should know better.
9 Sprint lap 3 , straight after hairpin 2 111 unnecessary swerving coming into braking zone.
9 Feature lap 14 , back sector 7 111 rejoin of the season contender? 3 other peoples races impacted
8 Feature Lap after safety car went in Jamie Greg I killed Greg. Should learn to drive better.
8 Sprint Lap 1 - Arena Harvie Scaife/Bradford Season2
7 Feature 13 - Chicane Peter Zeidler Nathan Tasca Incident in braking zone
6 Feature Lap 6 Turn 1 Nick S Pete Z Death
6 Feature Middle sector Jay d Sam k Lost the car, killed someone in the process
6 Feature LAP28 TURN5 64 402/44 Just silly, blue flags and still trying to race people.
6 Feature Lap 29 T4 64 111 Blue Flags, looked pretty bad
6 Sprint Lap 2 Turn 2 Chris Swadling Tai Ratcliff Chris dives down the inside
5 Feature 28 64 111 Terrible Blue flag event, subsequently allowed car 112 to make gains in the final laps. As far as blue flags go this is pathetic.
6 Feature Lap 6, Turn 1 Nic Scaife Pete Zeidler Death
5 Feature The whole race Philip Vella Monte Heintz Philip is too fast and it makes me so erect I can't drive good.
5 Feature Lap 12 end of the straight Steven Kaissidis Tai Ratcliff Steven is a lap down and rather than yielding on the straight he is defending and then forcing it 2 wide at the apex.
5 Sprint 11 after finish line Scott Pocock Nick Scaife Smashed into me causing 4x being that it adds to the tally. I don't think its fair to have these added to the tally.
5 Sprint Lap 3 turn 3 Chris swalding Nick Scaife Side impact not paying attention. Cause 4x and loss of car speed to me
5 Sprint Lap 10 last corner Nicholas Scaife Tai Ratcliff Season2
4 Feature Lap 4 Turn One 444 707 Pit Lane exit, Both could of given more room however its the person exiting the pits and to slot into traffic as safe as possible.
4 Sprint Lap 3 Turn 1 35 27 Car 35 lost control, induces accident with car 27,ends car 27s race
4 Feature Lap 29 Start straight 678 968 knowingly squeezes car towards barrier, Cars then make contact.
4 Feature Lap 22 Turn 4 51 44 Re-join warning/education required. Close to ending car 44s race
4 Feature Lap 19 Start straight 968 From car 44 back Not keeping pace with lead cars, backup up cars behind.
4 Sprint Lap 6 T8 Exit 42 968 Unsafe re-join , Wrecks car 968s race
4 Sprint Lap 6 T1 112 7 Car 112 lost control and creates an incident with car 7
4 Sprint Lap 2 Cork Screw 968 27 Under-steers into car 27 and creates an incident.
4 Feature Lap 17 T8 Exit 44 70 Wave arounds, car 44 not keeping left.
4 Feature Lap 13 Last corner 341 70 Spun out, caused another driver to loose points and crash car.
4 Sprint Lap 5 T6 341 Car 44 and Car 70 Unsafe re-entry, driver could of turned into sand to ensure safer exit. Close to creating a big crash
4 Feature Lap 29 - T1 - T10 54 111 Car 54 intentional blocking for remainder of lap due to previous Lap 29 T1 incident. (In which the position was given back with no affect to overall race)
4 Feature 32 42 74 ,4 Lost car, re-join suboptimal , nearly caused an accident, also illegal pit lane entry.
4 Sprint Lap 6 Cork Screw 4 42 Lost control of car and creates an incident with car 42
4 Feature Lap 24 Turn 8 42 402 Looses control of car and creates an incident with car 402
4 Feature Lap 24 T8 42 35 Unsafe re-join by someone who should know better. Driver has to yield to avoid accident.
4 Sprint Lap 6 After corkscrew Phil Vella Sam K Bad rejoin and 4x
4 Feature Lap 26 Grid Straight 74 35 Car doesn’t hold line, aggressively pulls out nearly causing an accident.
4 Feature Lap 24 Turn 1 51 54 Car 51 nearly creates an accident, touches car in front.
4 Feature Lap 23 Turn 11 54 2 Car 2 makes contact with car 54
4 Feature Lap 20 T5 34 35/54 Although has wave around clearly going way to fast with clear site of traffic Infront, Obviously drivers not keeping left but no excuse for unsafe approach.
4 Feature Lap 20 Turn 5 968 34 Cars not adhering to keeping left on safety car.
4 Feature Lap 20 Turn 5 44 34 Bunch of people not holding left, car 44 included.
4 Feature Lap 20 Turn 5 54 34 SC out , not keeping left. Should know better
4 Feature Lap 20 Turn 5 35 34 Not holding left under SC, contributes to an accident
4 Feature Lap 1 Turn 8 34 69 Rear end contact with car 69, keeping in mind opening lap of a long race
4 Sprint Lap 1 Turn 6 34 74 Risky move for lap 1 of 45 minute race, makes contact with car 74, lucky to not have created more of an incident in the opening lap.
4 Sprint Lap 1 Turn 1 34 74 Opening lap, nearly creates an accident with impatient driving, car 74 having to move to avoid accident.
4 Sprint Lap 3 Turn 4 8 34 Overly Aggressive driving, cars touch nearly causing an accident
4 Sprint Lap 2 Turn 8 74 44 Lazy Driving, murders car 44
4 Sprint Lap 5, Turn 6 341 111 & 69 Carless Driving, driving slow into a high speed high risk section of the track, if car was damaged the decision to run slow into this corner should be reconsidered.
4 Sprint Lap 5 Turn 6 8 341 Lost control of car and caused accident with car 341
4 Feature Lap 20 Turns 10/11 36 111 Careless driving, caused driver to pit subsequently ruining car 111s race.
4 Sprint Lap 11 Turn 10 34 111 Complete disregard for fast approaching traffic, re-join of the season.
4 Sprint Lap5 Turn 8 69 111 Not paying attention, careless driving into a high risk section
4 Feature L29 T1 Luke Quist Mick Carew A butt touch
4 Feature L19 near the bottom of the hill Mick Carew Steven Kaissidis Under SC there was contact
4 Feature L32 After the corkscrew Nicholas Scaife Phil Vella Something happened here
4 Sprint L11 second last corner Steven Kaissidis Luke Quist A rejoin
4 Sprint L6 Nicholas Bradford Phil Vella Mishap entering corkscrew
4 Sprint L6 Greg Bradley Rob Crouch Some Turn 1 assistance
4 Sprint L5 Stuart Thompson Luke Quist Squeeze going into the corkscrew
4 Sprint L1 Shawn Doyle Nicholas Scaife Shawn touched up the rear of Nic on way into corkscrew
4 Sprint Last Lap, Turn 5 Nic Scaife Chris Swadling Attempted send hits my rear end and sends me into the wall, car is wiped out and I couldn't finish.
2 Feature After SC at T4 Luke Quist Rusty Shanesaw Puntheirinho